We Are Part of the Brave Network

This is not a tech blog, obviously, and I loathe to bore you with the details of how The Oddness gets made. But in this case, this concerns you the viewer, and me the creator. When you surf the web (yes, I still use that expression), you are always leaving a trail of information.

Most modern browsers track everything you do, and are then making money by selling your data to advertisers who then fill the sites you browse with ads. They bombard you with products they think you want to buy, and they are often pretty intrusive.

But there is a new browser called Brave, and it is built to make the web browsing experience more private and faster for you the viewer. And it is doing something pretty damn cool for content creators like myself as well.

I do not want to place any kind of ads on The Oddness. I really hate when a website I like to browse begins to look like Times Square, crowded with ads in every nook and cranny. By becoming a part of the Brave Network, we can still monetize our site and provide you with an ad free environment. Once you have the Brave Browser and a few BAT tokens, you can even tip on the sites you like and get paid in BAT to watch an occasional ad.

Just check it out, I think is this day and age when everyone is collecting your info, you will find it to be a refreshing experience.

If you use the new Brave browser for 30 days, they’ll fund my channel with a bonus! Here’s the link: